Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem


The Mathematical Biology, Perturbation Techniques, Differential Equations, Statistical methods My interest is in the development of models applicable to transport phenomena from capillaries to tissues. Extensions to this research area exits, including unsteady flow for dosage therapy, and drug administration to tumor growth in cancer chemotherapy, and I am interested in these applications. The mathematics involve solving partial differential equations and also using asymptotic and perturbation techniques in analyzing partial differential equations. I am also interested in the use of either ordinary or partial differential equations or both, and statistical methods to model the dynamics and transmission of infectious diseases. My primary focus so far has been on modeling the disease Malaria, with focus on malaria control. I also have interest in the mathematics that deals with chronic skin inflammation, a process by which dendritic cells (DCs) are constantly sampling antigen in the skin and migrating to lymph nodes where they induce the activation and proliferation of T cells. The T cells then travel back to the skin where they release cytokines that induce and maintain the inflammatory condition. This process is cyclic and ongoing. In the case of chronic inflammation, the desire is to interrupt this DC migration.